Behaviour Survey

October 2021


Energy Consumers Australia’s Behaviour Survey provides Australia’s richest national picture of the attitudes and activity of residential and small business energy consumers – how they use power and associated energy technology, their attitudes to new technology, and how they see the future of energy for themselves and their communities.

You can explore the data using the below category-tabs and within most sections you can sort the data by household-type, state/territory, region and other demographic characteristics.

You can also switch between household and small business data. As this is the first Behaviour Survey and the second time we have presented our research in this way, we are interested in your feedback – click here to let us know your thoughts.

Key insights

Both household and small business consumers have a high uptake of energy technologies to manage their energy use. People’s attitudes to energy is as diverse as the community itself with just as many consumers expressing a desire to adopt and engage with energy technology as those who do not. One thing that is consistent is that people’s activities and priorities with energy are changing. This change includes structural and long-term shifts such as the greater reliance on smart, digital and energy efficient technology, as well as the shifts associated with our response to the pandemic.

42% prefer to set the timinfs on their smart appliances