Consumers’ Voice

The Consumers’ Voice is an ongoing research project for Energy Consumers Australia.

In collaboration with Essential Research, we conducted qualitative research with 60 representative participants who joined a series of focus groups and discussions. We have published a report that captures findings, including in-depth quotes and summary of the key themes.

This research is essential reading for policy makers, government, industry, and researchers, who are wanting a better understanding of the state of play for energy users on the ground. This will help deliver an energy system that meets the needs and values of the people who use it and pay for it.

There’s been much speculation about the impact of the ‘energy crisis’ on households and small businesses. IN this latest report, we wanted to hear directly from those impacted about their lived experience and gain further understanding about how the energy system is – or isn’t – working in their best interests.

Key Findings

The report delivered three key findings.

  1. Recent bill increases and expectations of further rises have convinced consumers that there are underlying problems with the energy system.
  2. Consumers lack trust in energy providers and governments to put consumers’ best interests ahead of their own.
  3. Consumers are supportive of the transition to renewables although some are concerned about reliability issues and cost.