Sentiment Survey

December 2021


Energy Consumers Australia’s Sentiment Survey provides insight into consumer satisfaction, experiences, trust and confidence in the electricity and gas markets. It also explores consumers’ hopes and concerns for the future. You can explore the national or state-based results using the below category-tabs, or you can look at the results specifically for households, or small businesses. You can also explore the household and small business result by different demographics.

Due to the updates and added content included in the June and December 2021 reports, comparisons to previous results have not been made in the summary charts. This information will be included in the next survey report, scheduled for June 2022.

You may also be interested in our Behaviour Survey which is looks at how residential and small business consumers use power and associated energy technology, their attitudes to new technology, and how they see the future of energy.

Charts showing time series and access to previous results can be found in the ‘Downloads’ link.

Key insights

The proportion of consumers who gave a positive rating for value for money of their electricity (67%) and gas (70%) service is now around the same level as other comparable services. However, electricity bills remain consumers’ top concern (61%) and this has increased during the pandemic. This survey also showed that there is a desire among consumers for investment and participation in new community energy initiatives such as solar gardens, neighbourhood shared energy options and incentives to upgrade housing with new energy technologies.